OpenWRT on Cisco WAP4410N

I needed an Access Point that would make also NAT, I had a spare Cisco WAP4410N and so I decided to install OpenWRT on it.

On the documentation all seemed simple:

Thanks to "blogic" that wrote a patch WAP4410N seems supported (

Unfortunately the patch is not fully released and in fact 12 days after someone reverted the commit ( with the message "The commit is incomplete, it does not even build the mach-* file"

I haven't done a good job just a quick and dirty one so I can't recommit the patch, but my image works with all the functions.

the only problem (as described in documentation) is that "1000 Mbps speeds on the Ethernet port are broken. The device must be connected to a 10/100 Mbps port or it will not communicate."

Here you can find image files:

For the instruction follow these: